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Successful mesenchymal stem cell therapy

Molly is a four year old black labrador. Her family adopted her as a one year old after she was rejected as a breeding dog because of joint problems in both front legs. She continusously licked her joints, a common indication of pain and inflammation, and despite trying many different treatments and medications the problem did not resolve.

Being one of the few clinics to begin using the breakthrough treatment of mesenchymal stem cells, we offered this to Molly and her family as an option to improve her condition.

After three years of on and off joint problems, Molly had mesenchymal stem cells injected into both carpal joints, under anaesthesia, by our qualified orthopaedic surgeon.

After two weeks, Molly's family are reporting great results.

"We have a new dog! No more licking, happy to go on walks. She and we could not be more pleased with the results and the attention she received."

The team at Canterbury Vet are all so extremely excited with Molly's improvement. We look forward to helping many more dogs with this amazing new technology.