May 14, 2018
Your Pet’s X-Rays: Why Quality Matters. - image xrayimg-960x536 on https://canterburyvet.com.au

Your Pet’s X-Rays: Why Quality Matters.

When you’re advised by your vet that your pet needs X-Rays – you’re probably not thinking about much else other than worrying about what’s going to show up on them. That’s Understandable So when the vet comes back into the consulting room, shows you the X-Rays and says that everything looks normal and there’s nothing to worry about, you’re relieved. Obviously some things have been ruled out by not showing up on X-Ray meaning something else is causing whatever problem your pet is experiencing OR something has been missed! X-Rays […]
May 14, 2018
Your Pet’s X-Rays: Why Quality Matters. - image blog2 on https://canterburyvet.com.au

Who takes care of Your Pets while you’re on Holidays?

Tips to keep Your Pet Safe while You’re Away – Pet Sitter Care When you’re a pet parent you know all too well that when planning your holiday you also need to make arrangements for your pets to be taken care of while you’re away. Most of you will probably book your pets into a boarding facility however some of you will make other arrangements such as having them stay with friends or family or hire a pet sitter. While their food, water and exercise and social needs are taken […]
May 14, 2018
Your Pet’s X-Rays: Why Quality Matters. - image Kelpie on https://canterburyvet.com.au

Diagnosing Arthritis in Dogs

Did you know one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions especially in older dogs is Osteo-arthritis? That doesn’t mean however that every dog with mobility issues such as lameness, sore backs slow to rise, difficulty jumping into cars or walking up stairs – has arthritis. There are many other conditions that could be contributing to these symptoms of which osteoarthritis is only one of them. How is Arthritis Diagnosed? The word “arthritis” means joint inflammation. However – not all mobility issues are related to a joint problem. Lameness, stiffness and […]