Canterbury Vet

Canterbury Veterinary Clinic and Hospital aims to provide the best of care for all your pets through all their life stages and health issues.

We provide a range of services and are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest information and technology so that your pet receives the best treatment possible. We have been providing animal care services since 1987 and continue our dedicated work each day. We aim to create a warm and friendly environment at our clinic and we love having our patients and their owners drop by to say hi, have a weigh in, pick up a treat or ask any questions they might have.


Monday - Friday  8am - 6:30pm

Saturday              9am - 12:30pm

Sunday               10am - 12pm


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Google Maps location for Canterbury Veterinary Clinic and Hospital

Canterbury Veterinary Clinic and Hospital
721 Canterbury Rd
Surrey Hills
Vic 3127

03 9836 2708