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04 Rocky’s secret

Last month we introduced you to Rocky the cat, and this month we’d like to let you in on Rocky’s little secret … he’s allergic to fleas!

Fleas are a number one cause of skin problems in pets. When a flea bites your pet, their saliva leads to an intense reaction. Some pets are more sensitive to flea saliva than others, and poor Rocky is one of those pets! It only takes one or two bites for him to become itchy.

Yep, these little critters cause absolute havoc for Rocky, and we think you should know what to watch out for as you don’t need to see fleas on your pet for there to be a problem.

Rocky’s symptoms:

– After a flea bites Rocky he becomes intensely itchy and starts over-grooming via licking. His coat starts to thin out and he gets lots of little scabs along his back; a tell tale sign of flea allergy dermatitis.

– Rocky is an indoor cat but it is likely that a pesky visiting canine is the source of the fleas.

– His constant licking causes trauma to the skin and a secondary bacterial infection, so treatment includes antibiotics and some medication to help break the itch cycle.

Rocky is now on regular flea treatment and will be year-round (his canine friend visits regularly). His bedding is also washed and a good vacuum of his living quarters (the couch!) is performed to pick up any residual eggs.

If your pet isn’t protected against fleas, now is the time! Ask us for the best flea treatment for your pet.

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